March 6, 2020

Deal with Your Own Personal Fears

This situation is a test, a real exam. Each of you must find that place in yourself that is divine, is trust, is whole, and doesn’t move into the fear vibration of the world. The fear vibration of the world is like a mushroom cloud. It goes up and expands and spreads its terror everywhere. You will be taken up in that mushroom cloud to the extent you have not dealt with your own personal fear.

Every time you begin to panic or go into how bad it’s going to be or whose fault it is, your whole body vibrates with the fear virusThe virus of fear is worse than the CoronavirusThe virus of fear can cause all kinds of disease. The Coronavirus only causes a flu-like disease. Fear will hurt your immune system, will hurt your open heart, will hurt your spiritual growth, and it will certainly hurt your happiness…all without the virus even touching you.

Keep cultivating that still point in your heart where all is love, all is well, all is beyond time-space.  As you go there, your heart begins to send out a vibrational field that calms the rest of your body.  All of your vibrations begin to assimilate and resonate with this field of quiet. Then you can walk into the lion’s den and not be afraid of the lion.

This is a Huge Spiritual Test for Humanity

There have been many metaphors of the end of the world or of the ascension process. One of them is that all the unawake people, or those who can’t find goodness will be left behind, and the ones who can hold the light and who believe in spiritual things will be whisked off to a New Earth. Well, this event is the demarcation point. Your ability to extradite yourself from the mass consciousness of fear as it takes hold is what’s going to be the difference between you and those who suffer in the dark. You must strive to maintain your integrity, your spirit, your heart, your generosity, your kindness —even if there is fear and sickness and financial loss around. That is the real test. How many spiritual books you’ve read does not matter. It’s what happens now when the shift hits the fan. Can you stay in your spiritual self or do you get waylaid by the mass hysteria? That’s the test. Those who pass this test will find that you are released from being controlled by all outside influences. You will find peace and happiness no matter what is happening. This is the kind of lesson that can break you out of lifetimes of going through the wheel of karma.

It’s not often that humanity is given the chance to choose peace when there is fear all around.

Fear Comes from a Loss of Control

When you don’t know what to do and feel like you have no control, that’s when you go into fear. Fear comes whenever there is uncertainty. Remember, you only live in this moment. You have control of your reactions now, your emotions now, your state of being nowThe more ‘now’ you can stay, the more your vibration lifts above the hysteria and you move away from fear. But more than that, your ability to hook into an anchor that’s not afraid will create a space around you for others to find that glimmer of hope too. You will be a leader in your family. You will be a leader in your group of friends, and in your community, because they see you are not reacting to the fear of a pandemic.

When you stay away from fear and stay in the present moment, you make decisions from this moment. “What do I need to do now?” You can’t control the future, but you can trust that when the future happens, you’ll know what to do. So ask yourself, “Do I need to have food in my pantry?” “Do I need to have batteries?” If the answer is yes—do it in a fearless way. Do it as if it’s just the normal thing on your to-do list.  You can feel the difference between when you’re driven by fear and when you’re driven by purposeful clarity.

The Test of a Master

We’re not telling you to ignore the virus and the possible ramifications that it will have for commerce, for travel. It is going to have major ramifications. But that’s the test too. Can you stay in peace when things seem to be shifting or falling down around you? That is the test of a master.  You will move to a higher level to the extent you can face this without being pulled into the lowest common denominator— which is fear and anger and greed.

Let this bring out the best in all, for it is an unusual enemy. In the past, the enemy has been other nations. But this so-called enemy is indiscriminate. Perhaps in your actions, generosity, and compassion, people will once again realize that your shared humanity, your shared biology is much more important than ideology or power structures.

Don’t look for a vaccine in the near future. The answer is to keep your immune system healthy.  The best way to keep your immune system high is not to go into fear. Fear and a healthy immune system are great enemies.

Your Vibration Can Disarm Anything

Now is the time for you to realize that your vibration can disarm anything. Everything fundamentally is energy. A virus is energy. Viruses are basically DNA with some protein wrapped around them. You already understand that you can change your DNA by your spiritual work. Your vibration is your energetic pattern. So why will some people catch everything that’s going around, and some people won’t? You might say because some people have a better immune system.  But what we say is that some people have a better attitude and their attitude forms their immune system, and their immune system forms their health. It is important to be responsible for your attitude, your vibration. Keep yourself healthy. Keep yourself out in the sun. Keep yourself having high, supportive thoughts, instead of thinking about what you should be afraid of. Ask what can you do to help your community? What can you do together? Let’s have this be something that brings out your best. That could certainly be a turning point.

Really understand that fear acts like a highly contagious virus. The Coronavirus only affects the people it infects.  The fear virus hits everyone.  As more people stay out of fear, this creates an energetic field that will eventually cause a mutation in the virus that causes it to become nonlethal. It can be just like any cold or flu by next season. We do not see this virus continuing through another cold or flu season.

So the next few months will be the most difficult. It will slow down in the summer. There will be outbreaks next year, but it won’t be the same virulence that the virus has now. Everyone should focus their energy, strength, and power not in making the virus an enemy, but in sending it love and light that it mutates to a nonlethal form as quickly as it can.