I like nature and I am very into growing things.  So when searching the net about the difference between bio dynamic farming and permaculture, since they sound very alike, I found this great explanation:

Written by: Jonathan Byron


”Biodynamics grew out of the work of Rudolph Steiner and the Anthroposophy movement. Permaculture grew out of the work of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

Both are attempts at establishing sustainable patterns of living. Both involve not only ways of raising food, but of living. Both promote their own system of ethics that deals with how humans treat the Earth and each other.  Biodynamics is by definition uber-organic while permaculture is generally organic…. biodynamics says ’you can’t use this type of fertilizer or that method of pest control’ while permaculture says ’if you have things set up right, why would you want to use those methods?’

Biodynamics has more of a structured community in many ways – for example, there are groups that inspect and license anyone who wants to sell ’biodynamic’ foods – biodynamic is a trademark. There are also a series of communities/schools/businesses that are tied in with the biodynamic movement. Permaculture is a looser movement, there are legal limits on who can offer PDCs (permaculture design courses) but the word permaculture itself is not trademarked.

Biodynamics includes some ideas that might be described as ’mystic’ or astrological although that is a rather small portion of the movement’s beliefs. Steiner was a philosopher who was interested in metaphysics, and this carries over to biodynamics.  Permaculture has more of an ecological science approach and is silent on the mystical and esoteric – some permies may believe in that, others not, and it doesn’t matter too much as that is not a central issue, it is something each individual deals with as they like”

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