The manipulated feminist

I want to highlight how we in the western world fights the intellectual fight for “women’s right to their bodies”(meaning: the right not to be sexualized or objectified) has been exploded to a interesting yet negative sexualized competition within the minds of young women. In a sense, the female has once again been showed that it is in the sexualized, materialistic and shallow world, where beauty and the dream of the society’s obsessive idea of femininity is produced. That she belongs, and it is only in this world she can seek for liberation. What we need liberation from, becomes our only needs for liberation. The “women’s liberation” within the feminism era is starting to give the feeling of turning every women away from spiritual growth and are keeping women side-tracked by trivial issues as with the focus on the female body all along with great insecurity and anger. They see their body’s as a political battleground and fail to understands their inherent feminine essence, that can be expressed, not only bodily but energetically(emotionally).

To fight for the right to be masculine as a women has taken over the fight for the right to be feminine without being looked down upon. As it is now, the males and females of today are stuck in the idea of the man and masculinity and exaggerating its implications. The logic thought, the interest for power and neglecting of intuition is what’s on everybody’s minds, and definitely the women who is desperately fighting for ”the right to her own body”, which she might have has interpreted in a wrong sense after being manipulated about what it really mean. She then heads out on a mission. To become a man, or a person with as much worth as a man. (from her own interpretation about that the man actually is more valuable, witch of course is false)

That “Women can as much as men” is often used to acknowledge that women are as much valuable human as men, but it fails gravely with its boosting because the meaning itself is an indication on that men actually are better in some way, and this is an idea that keeps the fire in the feminist, because she believes it. The feminist becomes victimized and need protection. First from the patriarchy and then, when she has lost all of her femininity, from her self.

Picture above: Edward Bernays commercial campaign to raise the numbers of women smoking. He called them ”Torches of freedom”